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As a woman in tech, I personally have never seen a glass ceiling. It probably helps that I have some specialties (database, system admin, core company technolog) that make me desirable in my area regardless of gender.

But when talking about a glass ceiling what we should focus on is not whether or not you are being paid the current market rate.

You want to look at the more senior engineers in your company: what do they look like? How much of middle management is female, and how much of the executive population? When you look at the salaries of the officers of your company, do you see any patterns?

Most companies I have worked for have had more men than women in senior management positions.

However, more women were project managers and marketing executives. I never wondered why more men were technical/development leads and managers. It makes you hope that it is just because there are so many more men in that field, not because these positions discriminate against women.