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We had one of the Graco travel systems for my first.

It isn't bad. And I will admit that it's a decent lightweight stroller, but I did find it to be a bit too bulky for things like shopping or taking a casual walk around the neighborhood. It was good for going to large outdoor events, Disney, basically any place where there would be a lot of walking and I would need to bring along a diaper bag or other crap to put in the bottom bin.

Then we received the City Mini from my sister. Her son is two and a hald and didn't use it anymore.

And what can I say? After using the Graco Snugride, well, I love it soooo much. And I wish I had it from day 1. It's so lightweight and easy to steer, it's easy to fold up for the car. A pricier stroller is worth the money, but they aren't all created equally.

We actually originally wanted to go with the iGo. When we broke it all down, I realized that the chairs were really uncomfortable to hold. The Evo has little hand holds where the buttons to take the chairs on/off are, and it's really easy to switch them out and hang onto them (especially if there's a sleeping baby in the bassinet part). I found the iGo chairs to be really awkward to handle without the handles.

If I had to say two things that are a must, they should be lightweight and easy to break down.

I never in a million years would have thought I would get so excited over a stroller, but it's the one thing you really learn to appreciate and the City Mini is not the stroller I wanted, but the one that I needed.