There is a weird satisfaction with "beating the system" and preparing foods for our babies.

I've always been baffled by the foods one kid likes, but the other one can't stand. I remember when I was growing up that my little broter loved carrots. He would eat them everyday, in fact he ate them so much that he turned slightly orange. My mother was humiliated.

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I'm not sure how people survived pre-immersion blender days. If We have been doing smoothies with yogurt and pureed foods. I guess you could just do breast milk and pureed foods too. Once you realize how inexpensive it is to make baby food then it's like, "Damn, those baby food companies really screw us over!"

And once you learn how to make it and and actually start doing it seems so much fresher than the stuff in the jars or even the organic stuff in the bags. The only problem we had was with meat. It seemed gritty no matter how we tried to make it.