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I have heard again and again that NYC has the most bike commuters in the nation. Now the qestion is: Per capita or overall?

Because if it's overall, duh of course.

So I sat down and started doing some wikiresearch shows top 27 cities as % of population. NYC doesn't make the list.

That said, I think the title of this post really harms the purpose of this article and does it an injustice. The article brings in and wow's readers with the shear volume of cyclists in NYC on any given day (450,000), which is a lot! It also gives shout outs to other cities doing their part to appropriate bike culture and is trying to give non-commuters a glimpse into the growing bike culture.

I also found this article on the NYTimes. I'll be honest, it is not a fantastically well written article if you're looking for actual data. Which is the feeling I have about a lot of their articles as of late.